Grails Plugins

This is a placeholder index page for the Grails plugins I've written. Please let me know what you think of them. Thanks!    — Daiji

  • ScaffoldTags - Allows for inheritable and reusable scaffold views for domains, types, and relationships. Can be applied to any type of view desired. Version 0.7.2 is the latest release.
  • DjangoTemplates - Provides a mechanism for defaultable GSP content that can be replaced in Grails templates. Designed after Django templates.
No longer maintained:
  • GroovyBinder - Provides a workaround in Grails 0.4.2 for easy binding of one-to-many and many-many relationship values when the value is an id selected from a list. After further review, I decided that this plugin isn't really all that helpful. I'm looking into creating a plugin to add a dynamic remove method, however. I might work on a dynamic method to bind id lists as well.